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Da Paolino Restaurant


The Menu also includes Day Specials dishes offered by our Chef!!

Meals at da Paolino Restaurant in Capri are a leisurely affair, during which Lino accompanies guests to the antipasti buffet brimful with seasonal delicacies prepared according to the great island tradition, and abundant in sweet, sun-ripened cherry tomatoes, peppery rocket, succulent egg plant and zucchini from Lino’s lovingly tended vegetable garden, cold cuts, sea food, mozzarella, salads, and pasta parcels.

At da Paolino quality is synonymous with innovation. An example? The meat curing cabinet complete with pink Himalayan salt, realized by the artisan butchers from Milan’s Macelleria Pellegrini. The result? Meat dishes like you’ve never tasted before!

Only the very finest of local products are used to create the dishes featured on the à la carte menu, be it the freshest of fish or highly prized meats.

The same attention has been given to the selection of wines and to da Arianna’s famous buffet of desserts dominated by a magnificent display of wild berries, seasonal fruit and copious quantities of whipped cream.

A picnic… on the sea, aboard Paolino’s boat

Tours of the island of Capri and boat excursions in the family’s traditional ‘gozzo’, accompanied by Vittorino,
are available on request. An unforgettable day at sea accompanied by Paolino’s gastronomic specialities.